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Appartamento a St.Moritz
- Gio' Fossati

Exclusive flat in St.Moritz nearby. Realized by Arch. Gio' Fossati with design furniture by Toncelli, Promemoria, Giorgetti, Horm, Triangolo and falegnameria Galliani.

Appartamento in Milano
- Ruggero Melgrati

This private residence, located in downtown Milan, in the Fashion triangle, is a clear example of how Gallani can refurbish interiors with elegance and taste, but not...

Attico in Citta'
- Arch. Gio' Fossati

Realized with original products of the brand names Galliani 'custom made', Molteni, Zanotta, Catellani & Smith, Boffi bagni, Designers Guild, Cappellini, Alias, I+I...

Barley Schiffini Expo
- Studio Tecnico Schiffini

- Arch.Gio' Fossati

Realized with original products by Galliani Host Arredamenti, Zanotta, Designers Guild, Maxalto, Catellani e Smith, Flos, Flou, Giorgetti.
Painti. by Mariuccia Perego.

Clinton Schiffini Expo
- Studio Tecnico Schiffini

Cottage a Madonna di Campiglio
- Ruggero Melgrati

Modern cottage near Madonna di Campiglio on the Italian Alps, Alvar Aalto Nordic style. Interiors and furniture are also in modern style by Driade, Cappellini, Axil and Bernini.

Etra Abaco Expo
- Gae Aulenti

Krios Abaco Expo
- Offredi
EUR 15000.00
USD 18000.00

Residenza milanese
- Arch. Giò Fossati

project and designed by Arch. Giovanna Fossati, this prestigious residenze has been refurbish by Galliani Host with products by Promemoria, Giorgetti and Galliani Host custom made.

Residenza privata in Charlotte US
- Studio Galliani Host Arr.

Interiors of private residence in Charlotte, NC. We used furniture deigned and made on size by Galliani and products by the well-known Italian brands such as Giorgetti,...

Residenza privata in Italia
- Arch.Gio' Fossati + Studio Galliani

Interiors of a private residence, realized with 'custom made' furniture and products of some Italian brand. The architectural project is developed by the Arch. Gio' Fossati at...

Residenza Privata New York 2005
- Ruggero Melgrati

full interior decoration, kids room included. The beautifull and elegant residential project has been created by Ruggero Melgrati, co-owner of Galliani Host Arredamenti and the...

Status Abaco Expo
- Offredi

- Pietro Arosio
EUR 4000.00
USD 4800.00

Cabinet with sliding doors finished in cherry wood and transparent glass enamelled, structure in lacquered gray. Interior structure divided in 4 sections. Accessories included:...

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