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- G.Gurioli e F.Scansetti
EUR 150.00
USD 180.00

wall-hanged or self standing coat-hanger, the body is made of foamed stiff varnished polyurethan in all the collection colours. The staff is made of silver coloured metal

- Eckart Muthesius
EUR 530.00
USD 636.00

And coiling upwards like a snake at a snake-charming is Eckart Muthesius' spiral-shaped umbrella-stand Usha, created for the exotic fairytale palace of the Maharajah of Indore....

Appartamento in Milano
- Ruggero Melgrati

This private residence, located in downtown Milan, in the Fashion triangle, is a clear example of how Gallani can refurbish interiors with elegance and taste, but not...

Twist moka
- Burtscher & Bertolini
EUR 185.00
USD 222.00

structure in 8 strips of solid beech wood. Stainless steel and injected nylon. Available in natural beech or dyed moka color.

- Seveso - Trezzi
EUR 1250.00
USD 1500.00

Mirror with an open-worked door in cherry.

- Mapelli e Passarino
EUR 168.33
USD 202.00

Servomuto con base e asta sagomata in acciaio cromato.
Coat-rac. with base and shaped stand in chromate metal.

- P. Salvade'
EUR 135.00
USD 162.00

This clothes-stand fixed to the wall has versions in ash wood stained oak, stained wenge', stained walnut and lacquered open pore. Metal is always in varnished dark brown color....

- T. Colzani
EUR 1204.17
USD 1445.00

consolle with tempered and frosted glass top and two drawers in cherry or american black walnut.

- T. Colzani
EUR 1646.32
USD 1975.58

Series of columns fixed to the ceiling, to the wall or free-standing, provided of glasses shelves, american black walnut or cherry wood, t.v. shelf and video-rack, cabinets...

- Romeo Sozzi
EUR 891.67
USD 1070.00

low tables in different measure and height with natural, ancient or anthracite oak, top in leather in the collection colours

Treves foglia oro
- Romeo Sozzi
EUR 1708.33
USD 2050.00

mirror with frame in oak available in gold, silver and/or copper

Gaudi' consolle
- Dietmar Joester
EUR 1420.00
USD 1704.00

Dedicated to the great Spanish Architect Gaudi' (La Sagrad Familia - Barcelona) the consolle and the coffee tables are made in sandblasted extraclear curved Murano glass base...

- Nanni-Bortolani
EUR 433.33
USD 520.00

wall shelf with two supports, float glass 10 mm, can be fixed in different position. This item can be sold just by couple

Bungalow Round
- G. T. Garattoni
EUR 500.00
USD 600.00

Range of round mirrors boundett with an aluminium structure

- Marco Gaudenzi
EUR 1164.16
USD 1396.99

12/15 mm float glass elements, superposition on a base, equipped with rubber castors and: aluminium drawers cms 13,5x12h or cms 27x12h, natural or black leather drawers cms...

Shine 50
- D.D'Urbino-Lomazzi
EUR 937.50
USD 1125.00

glass cabinet with closure, supports in metal with protected silver finish for a unit that is available in two size: 50x36x162h, 90x36x162h

- Paolo Icaro Chissotti
EUR 491.66
USD 589.99

a pratical and decorative element with wall-mounted structure that is ideal for corners. Available with four, six or eight shelves

- omaggio a Carlo Mollino

Venus de Milo's silhouette plate glass, with stainless steel pawl fixed directly to the mirror for wall hanging.

Servofumo A e B
- A. e P.G. Castiglioni
EUR 288.17
USD 345.81

Ash-tray with polypropylene base, container in aluminium and steel support frame, colour black or aluminium. One piece of the long series of complements like clothes stand,...

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