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Appartamento in Milano
- Ruggero Melgrati

This private residence, located in downtown Milan, in the Fashion triangle, is a clear example of how Gallani can refurbish interiors with elegance and taste, but not...

Residenza privata in Italia
- Arch.Gio' Fossati + Studio Galliani

Interiors of a private residence, realized with 'custom made' furniture and products of some Italian brand. The architectural project is developed by the Arch. Gio' Fossati at...

Residenza Privata New York 2005
- Ruggero Melgrati

full interior decoration, kids room included. The beautifull and elegant residential project has been created by Ruggero Melgrati, co-owner of Galliani Host Arredamenti and the...

Cobra TV
- Mario Bellini
EUR 1027.50
USD 1233.00

Horm collection improves of a new product in quality and beauty elegance. Designed by the famous Italian architect Mario Bellini, this TV stand with castors is made in...

Com'e' comodino
- Studio tecnico Horm
EUR 375.00
USD 450.00

cupboard with one, two or three elements, available with two shelves or with one shelf and one drower, in this size 64cm, 128cm or 192cm, an option is the removable tray. Frame...

Oxo PC
- Antonio Citterio
EUR 522.50
USD 627.00

A specific proposal for the computer and I.T. media. Suited to both the office and the home, the Oxo Pc trolley is a flexible accessory, thanks to the extractable shelf for the...

TV Panel
- B. Fattorini

Designed exclusively for use with Plasma and LCD TVs the panels are fitted with open cabinets and shelvings in polished aluminium, CD and DVD cases. A Tv can be housed in two...

- Denis Santachiara
EUR 1487.50
USD 1785.00

The last miracle of Santachiara! "Home Angel is a lighting matrioska with multi-functionality: make-up/coiffeuse, home office, bar stand, serving table, pc desk" (D....

Domino Expo
- T. Colzani

Metal column fixed to the wall or to the ceiling with thick shelves in oak.

MediaCentre free standing
- T. Colzani
EUR 2499.00
USD 2998.80

The MediaCentre by Porada is an evolution of the Ubiqua system. This TV stand is composed by a turnable column with wooden panel (cherry, oak - natural, stained wenge' or...

Sibelius 3
- New Arch
EUR 300.00
USD 360.00

Wall (h.122cm.), standing (h.149cm.) or table (l.85cm.) CD racks in cherry wood or in American ('canaletta') walnut. Structure varnished in metal, silver matt color. Capacity...

- T. Colzani
EUR 1646.32
USD 1975.58

Series of columns fixed to the ceiling, to the wall or free-standing, provided of glasses shelves, american black walnut or cherry wood, t.v. shelf and video-rack, cabinets...

Como' basso
- Marco Gaudenzi
EUR 623.33
USD 748.00

Glass-unit for various uses on castors, equipped with rectangular or round revolving plate for tv, cherrywood or black matt laquered drawers, natural or black leather drawers,...

Grattacielo HiFi
- Icaro, Gaudenzi, Hosoe
EUR 1100.00
USD 1320.00

12/15 mm float glass elements, superposition on a base, equipped with rubber castors and: aluminium drawers cms 13,5x12h or cms 27x12h, natural or black leather drawers cms...

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