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Eileen Day Bed (numbered piece)
- Eileen Gray
EUR 3492.00
USD 4190.40

frame of chromium plated steel tubing. Beechwood frame with rubber wedding. Upholstery: polyurethane with polyester filling. Loose mattress with Bonell-spring interior, layer of...

Chill sofa
- T. Guild

A serie of sofas and stools. Available sofas: 190cm. 210cm. 236cm.,
dormeuse 180x70xh.28cm., stool & ottoman 90x90xh.28cm. & 120x70xh.28cm.

Appartamento in Milano
- Ruggero Melgrati

This private residence, located in downtown Milan, in the Fashion triangle, is a clear example of how Gallani can refurbish interiors with elegance and taste, but not...

Residenza milanese
- Arch. Giò Fossati

project and designed by Arch. Giovanna Fossati, this prestigious residenze has been refurbish by Galliani Host with products by Promemoria, Giorgetti and Galliani Host custom made.

Residenza privata in Italia
- Arch.Gio' Fossati + Studio Galliani

Interiors of a private residence, realized with 'custom made' furniture and products of some Italian brand. The architectural project is developed by the Arch. Gio' Fossati at...

Residenza Privata New York 2005
- Ruggero Melgrati

full interior decoration, kids room included. The beautifull and elegant residential project has been created by Ruggero Melgrati, co-owner of Galliani Host Arredamenti and the...

- Massimo Scolari
EUR 3673.90
USD 4408.68

Set of divans in three sizes: small, medium, large, right and left. Structure: base and
feet in polished solid cherry wood. Spring seat with down stuffed cushions....

- Leon Krier
EUR 6000.66
USD 7200.80

Series of sofas and armchairs. Base and feet in polished solid cherry wood.
Upholstered parts made of solid beech wood and plywood. Spring seat, expanded
solid foam back...

Mate sofa
- R. Rizzini

Frame in solid wood and elastic belts.Filling in indeformable variable-density polyether and down. Concealed feet. The upholstery is completely removable. Dimensions:

Belmondo poltrona
- Meridiani design
EUR 1323.33
USD 1588.00

Bogart sofa
- Meridiani design
EUR 2496.67
USD 2996.00

Sofas and ottoman with completely
remova. covers (fixed for leather
version). Wooden frame. Feet in
stained wood. Non-deformable
po. padding. Back...

- R. Dordoni

Serie of padded elements with completely removable covers. Weight bearing structure in solid wood. Back cushions in down. Fixed seat realised by assembling high-strength...

- Rodolfo Dordoni

Extremely original proportions, character; simply designed and comfortable. A new idea of modularity developed by connecting the armrest to the back. Several sizes available;...

- Rodolfo Dordoni

Pollock: severity, elegance and essentiality treated with innovative ideas.
Technical characteristics: a seating system of fixed and modular elements, the collection...

- Zed

This sytem of fix or sectional sofas has various elements that allow to reach any dimension and configuration. Reversi is a genius and simplicity on its own. It could fit any...

Saula Marina
- Mariscal
EUR 4430.00
USD 5316.00

Wooden frame covered with stress-resistant polyurethane foam of various densities.
Feet in natural varnished beech, stained or lacquered.

Victoria&Albert poltroncina
- Ron Arad
EUR 1250.00
USD 1500.00

The armchair on this card is part of a serie of sofas designed by Ron Arad. Dimension available 205 and 255 with depth 95cm. and height 107cm.; and 297cm. long, 125cm.depth and...

- Giuseppe Vigano'
EUR 6997.75
USD 8397.30

Milano is a sectional sofa with many different versions and sizes of sofas to satisfy any kind of request and spaces.

XL sofa
- Giuseppe Vigano'
EUR 6696.83
USD 8036.20

The serie XL sofas includes 23 different elements with which you can mix and find the best solution for your needs or space available in your living.

Dama grande
- Enzo Mari
EUR 2575.83
USD 3091.00

pouf made of hand-plaied strips in leather, tanned with vegetable dyes. Non-distortable expanded polyurethane interior in different densities, cloth lined, base in beech wood....

Alfa Large 230
- Emaf Progetti
EUR 3004.93
USD 3605.91

Armchairs, chaise longues and sofas. Chrome-plated steel feet. Steel frame. Elastic strip springing. Polyurethane/ Dacron Du Pont upholstery. Fabric or leather removable cover,...

Alfa Large 230P
- Emaf Progetti
EUR 4020.05
USD 4824.05

Serie of sofas and armchairs. Chrome plated steel feet. Steel frame. Elastic strip springing. Polyurethane/Dacron Du Pont upholstery. Cover in fabric or leather fully removable,...

Greg Large
- Emaf Progetti
EUR 3000.43
USD 3600.52

Armchair, monobloc and modular sofas. Polished aluminium alloy feet. Steel frame. Elastic strip springing. Upholstery in polyurethane/Dacron Du Pont. Removable, fabric or...

- De Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi

Armchair and sofas. 18/8 stainless tubular steel frame. Upholstery in polyurethane
and Dacron. Removable cover in fabric or leather. Dimensions - Armchair: width 87cm....

Throw Away
- Willie Landels 1965
EUR 1874.43
USD 2249.31

Serie of sofas and armchairs. Available in the following dimensions:
armch. 95cm. w.
2 seats sofa 150cm. w.
3 seats sofa 205cm. w.
All are 75cm. depth and 61 in...

- Emaf Progetti
EUR 4154.80
USD 4985.75

Armchair, pouf, monoblock, modular and sectional sofas. Base in nickel plated and brushed steel or varnished graphite (new paint color). Steel frame. Elastic strip springing....

Upndown Red
- Emaf Progetti
EUR 2825.23
USD 3390.27

Armchair, pouf, monoblock, modular and sectional sofas. Base in nickel plated and brushed steel or varnished graphite (new paint color). Steel frame. Elastic strip springing....

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