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Gaetano Pesce

EUR 2616.67 - USD 3140.00

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armchair-bergere by the famous Italian architect Gaetano Pesce.
Cotton fabric version.
Armchair realized by pouring the polyurethane components directlyt inside the fabric cover. The two components react and fix producing different shapes and each single armchair has different sitting comfort. It is not possible to produce two identical armchairs. Varoius fabric colours available in the Meritalia fabric range.

cm. 110 l. 100 d. 130 h.
inch 43.31 l. 39.37 d. 51.18 h.


The technology of the expanded polyurethane generates products which are always prisoner of their own cast and always have the same form. Shadow is free from this confinement and it is created every time without cast and formal bounds, and at every turn it becomes a different armchair. The polyurethane expands directly in the texile covering following the body shape and it solidifies generating stuff and structure: the covering is always twisted in an unpredictable way.

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