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For years Galliani Host has been a leading company in the furniture sector.
The company was founded in the twenties and concentrated its production in the sixties on italian design furniture and prestigious decorating solutions.

Behind Galliani Host's world-famous avant-garde products there is a staff made up of some of the leading architects and interior designers, competent workers and assemblers, but, most of all, services designed to satisfy customer expectations.

Always the point of reference for Italian and foreign clients, since years it exports products to an average of 35 countries worldwide each year.

After the expansion in 1990, with the acquisition from the Melgrati’s family (in the business since 1896), in 1996 Galliani Host decides to open a new section of its prestigious showroom in Lissone on the web. The main goal is to move closer to its customers all over the world and promote directly the culture of the Galliani Style through the new global market. is born as the first on line web shop for furniture and interior design and immediately it has been awarded and recognized by the most important internet companies worldwide as an exemple of the quality, innovation and Italian design in the world.

Galliani Host is located in Lissone (Italy) the world capital of furniture, in the heart of industrious Brianza, just 10 km far from downtown Milan and 50km from Swiss.

GALLIANI.COM an innovative company on the WEB

Because through the web Galliani can go closer to its customers, give a better service and assistance, offers new opportunity to the users and to the new customers, but best of all spread the Galliani Style and Philosophy worldwide.


Galliani web shop opens on June 20th 1998:

Selected in 'What's New' by Yahoo! US on June 25th 1998

Awarded as ‘Ultra-Cool Shopping Site’ by Coolshopping on June 28th 1998

Awarded and financed by 'Provincia di Milano' as 22. best e-business project on 1320 in competition – June 2001

Selected in the top 35 most world important furniture companies by Furniture Highway - March 2000

Selected as ‘Reference Italian furniture web site’ by Arredando - May 1999

Awarded with ‘Four Stars’ out if five by Hotwin - November 1998

Suggested site by E.Brick - September 1999

Selected site by SleepyShopper - 1999

Suggested site by MySimon - September 1999

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Architects WorldWide - January 2000

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Engineers WorldWide - January 2000

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Contractor WorldWide - January 2000

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Build It WorldWide - January 2000

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Designers Worldwide - January 2000

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Surveyor WorldWide - January 2000

Selected as 'Very Good site’ by (Disney) on January 13th 1999

Certified site by Gomez - January 2000

Analized by the Politecnico di Milano – December 1999

Analized by the Kentucky University - 1999

Suggested site by DondeComprar - Christmas 1998

Selected site by 2000

Suggested site by OpenHere 2000

Listed on The Buyer’s Index - 1998

Listed on PC Beacon - 1999

Selected site by Traffic Connection - 2000

Listed on the Taiwanese Yellow Pages - 1998

Suggested furniture web shop by our friends at - 2001

Cited in ‘Mai dire Mike’ TV show as ‘famous interior design showroom with a wonderful web site’ on Italia 1 – May 2000

Illegally copied by two different furniture companies in October 1999 and January 2000

Contested by a renowned furniture company because ‘it seriously damages the company reputation’ (!!!) – July 15th 1999.

GALLIANI.COM realizations

Athene (Greece)

GALLIANI.COM realizations

Waukesha (WI-USA)

GALLIANI.COM realizations

stand - TOP AUDIO-VIDEO 1998
stand - TOP AUDIO-VIDEO 1999

stand - TOP AUDIO-VIDEO 2000

Cinisello Balsamo - SONY BUILDING

main lobby, sala home theatre, e pro-shop

Portogruaro (TV) - centro commerciale

OTHER Realizations  

Galliani realizations...

Galliani has worked in ...
Varsavia, Poland Argentina
Hong Kong, HK Austria
Zelenznogork, CSI Australia
Taiwan City, ROC Belgium
Montecarlo, MC Cyprus
Waukesha, WI (USA) Saudi Arabia
Boca Raton, FL (USA) Switzerland
New York, NY (USA) CSI - Russia
Paramus, NJ Germany
San Mateo, CA (USA) Greece
Costa Mesa, CA (USA) Croazia
Singapore, Singapore France
Jeddah, KSA Equador
Zagabria, HR Gabon
Riyadh, SA United Kingdom
Haifa, ISR Gibraltar
Libreville, Gabon Hong Kong
Melbourne, AUS Japan
Athene, Greece Israel
Fairfield, AUS Lebanon
London, UK Luxembourg
Carachi, PK The Netherlands
Kobe, J Taiwan
Tokyo, J Singapore
Bruxelles, B USA
Miami, FL (USA) Lichtenstein
Macau, P Montecarlo
Charlotte, NC (USA) Cayman Island
Stockholm, S Portugal
Nashville, TN Pakistan
Ponte Vedra, FL (USA) Indonesia
Princeton, NJ (USA) Brazil
Yokohama, Japan Sweden
Kyoto, Japan Slovenja
Dallas, TX (USA) Norway
Basel, CH Iceland
Zurich, CH Macau
Nizza, F Canada
Montreal, CDN Venezuela
Losanne, CH Colombia
Zug, CH Ukraina
Kiev, UKR Bulgaria
Bern, CH  
Lugano, CH  
Neuchatel, CH  
Sofia, Bulgaria  

Galliani Host Arredamenti Lissone, first italian interior design furniture web shop

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