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Leon 192 Hi

Luciano Marson

EUR 2150.00 - USD 2580.00

Worldwide shipment available at cost.

The product is available in our Showroom
main floor

Price is for:

sideboard made of composite wooden panels in whitened beech wood or stained moca, front doors in toulipier with a cherry and mocha stained finish or in whitened beech and bois blond color. The particular front design makes the doors going from full cherry color to full dark brown moca color depending on your point of view. The base has feet in hight 2cm.

cm. 192 l. 49 d. 96 h.
inch 75.59 l. 19.29 d. 37.80 h.


Designed by Luciano Marson, co-owner of Horm, this sideboard presents a unique motive with bicolor vertical lines, moca and cherry, that generates different optical effects depending from your point of view: full dark mocha on one side, full cherry on the other side going through a mix of fading bicolors scale.
Making this furniture requests an experienced knowledge of hand made artisan tradition.

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