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Navy collection chair by Galliani Selects

Emeco 1945

EUR 480.00 - USD 576.00

Worldwide shipment available at cost.

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Price is for:

chair in anodized aluminum produced, one by one, handmade by specialized artisans. This chair was originally produced in 1945 for the US Navy.

cm. 41 l. 50 d. 46/86 h.
inch 16.14 l. 19.69 d. 18.11 / 33.86 h.

prices are VAT not included


Taken from the TV Serie C.S.I.: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION and from the movie THE MATRIX. This collection, originally produced for the US Navy in 1945, includes the chair with armrests, the kitchen stools with or without arms and bar stools with or without arms. Recently, the famous French designer Philip Starck remodeling and re-design two brand new versions of this original chair, that now have become part of the two new collections called the Hudson and the Heritage collection. For more information, please, contact us by clicking on the INFO botton here on the right.

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