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Chi Wing Lo

Picture is for:

wallunit in maple wood,finishing 28, 36, 37, 45 (see samples in the picture on this folder). Due to the large amount of different compositions available, the price quotation will be calculated after definition of your unit.

cm. 110/65 l. 40 d. 35/45 h.
inch 43.31 / 25.59 l. 15.75 d. 13.78 / 17.72 h.

Sizes refer to volume of each element, without tops and basement.

This product is not for sale on line

Oli 1995. A system of containers that can be placed on top of or next to each other
with the frame in maple wood, finisched in 28, 36, 37, 45. Each container, complete with wood/acid treated
glass top, is available in the following versions: - open - with wooden door - with
glass door - with wooden flap door - with four drawers Panel with two 20W -
12V spotlights to insert in the top. Mat finish painted metal handles and hinges.
Feet can be adjusted for levelling purposes. Dimensions. Front size: 114 cm Deep:
42 cm Height: 190 cm

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