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D'Urbino - Lomazzi

EUR 2250.00 - USD 2700.00

Worldwide shipment available at cost.

Price is for:

dining table in natural transparent glass, equipped with an extraordinary new mechanism which allows, by a simple rotation, to widen the top from the closed primary position of 160cm. by 80cm. up to the round position of diameter 160cm. The frame is painted steel in silver color (51) or black embossed (21). The base and the arms, dual jointed for rotation, are in lacquered cast aluminum, silver (51) or black embossed (21). Specify in the order form which kind of finishing is you choice.

cm. 160 l. 80/160 d. 75 h.
inch 62.99 l. 31.50 / 62.99 d. 29.53 h.


Table that starts a revolution in the classic idea of leaf tables. The invention of the screw movement of the central pin accompanied by the dual joint equipment of the side arms, makes the extending movement much easier. The strictness of design is absolutely linked to an accurate engeneering research destined to reach the extreme functionality

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