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- Neuland

A bookcase made of 6 mm thick medium-density wood fibreboards, in micro goffered white lacquer. Back of melamine - coated board (thickness 10 mm). Shelves at various standard...

Ptolomeo wall 155
- Bruno Rainaldi
EUR 483.33
USD 580.00

The 'column of knowledge' is a vertical bookshelf with or without the base. The base is available in stainless steel mirror...

- T. Colzani
EUR 1646.32
USD 1975.58

Series of columns fixed to the ceiling, to the wall or free-standing, provided of glasses shelves, american black walnut or cherry wood, t.v. shelf and video-rack, cabinets...

- Enrico Tonucci

program of container units compounds in heigh and width. Structure in natural or stained oak, door (leaf or vasistas) in 9 versions: glass, steel, oak, maple, lime, black walnut...

Ulm 150
- Enzo Mari (1996)
EUR 1532.14
USD 1838.57

Wall mounted bookcase and shelf. The uprights are of aluminum alloy, the shelves in steel layer and the storage unit in particleboard panels. The sheet steel door lowers. The...

Knet ZB - dono 100 euro
- per Alessandra e Stefano
EUR 83.33
USD 100.00

Knet ZB - dono 250 euro
- per Alessandra e Stefano
EUR 208.33
USD 250.00

Knet ZB - dono 300 euro
- per Alessandra e Stefano
EUR 250.00
USD 300.00

Knet ZB - dono 350 euro
- per Alessandra e Stefano
EUR 291.67
USD 350.00

Knet ZB - dono 400 euro
- per Alessandra e Stefano
EUR 333.33
USD 400.00

Knet ZB - dono 450 euro
- per Alessandra e Stefano
EUR 375.00
USD 450.00

Knet ZB - dono 500 euro
- per Alessandra e Stefano
EUR 416.67
USD 500.00

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