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Arch. Rodolfo Dordoni

EUR 441.67 - USD 530.00

Worldwide shipment available at cost.

Price is for:

chair with structure and seat in wood, in dark oak, gray oak or wenge'. Specify the choice while ordering.

cm. 45 l. 57 d. 85 h.
inch 17.72 l. 22.44 d. 33.46 h.


The chair is difficult: it must support your bodyweight while taking the form, movements and posture into account. We spend hours seated yet anthropologists tell us that sitting does not come naturally; it is an evolutional breakthrough, a sign of homo sapiens’ emancipation.

The wooden structure of the chair Who takes on an original new form, acting as support for the light, airy seat, available in wood or covered in seamless leather.

A collection which speaks of the world. The
passions, desires and dreams of its designers,
of its owners. Some are fleeting, some last a
lifetime. But whatever the case, a furniture
collection brings a style to life and turns space into
a place, a place which is lasting. This is true for
Wood, Rodolfo Dordoni’s new collection for the
living area.
The table Where, the chair Who and the
sideboards What combine to create a new,
harmonic domestic homescape. Simple lines,
austere design and natural materials such as
wood, marble and lacquer are brought together
in a style without precedent to create a timeless

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