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Appartamento in Milano

Ruggero Melgrati

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Flat in a historic building in downtown Milano. The classic stucture of the house mixed with the interiors in contemporary style give the home a special flavour of welcome and elegance. The products are by Poltrona Frau, Verardo, Molteni, Driade, Bellato e Pallucco, Flos, Zanotta, FrauFlex, Tisca, rugs, lights, tents and Sharp. In fact, Galliani has supplied also the Home Theatre products installed by a prefessional team of expert in electronics for home.

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This private residence, located in downtown Milan, in the Fashion triangle, is a clear example of how Gallani can refurbish interiors with elegance and taste, but not necessarely with big investments and huge budgets. Everything in this flat has been thought under precise request of the client, to be adapted and installed in any other house this manager can move into, in His professional career around the world. This a save in money and time because He has not to think to buy new furniture each time He moves in another Country.

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