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- Catellani e Smith
EUR 537.50
USD 645.00

table lamp, variable shape, with raw wax iron base, natural brass or nickel branches, or full nichel, base and branches.

Fil de Fer
- Carlo Catellani
EUR 1300.00
USD 1560.00

The idea for this lamp came from the request for an enormous chandelier for the Museo della Cartografia di Stato (State Cartography Museum) - Trevi Fountain in Rome. This serie...

- Catellani e Smith
EUR 70.84
USD 85.01

table candle holder with raw wax iron base, disk lined with gold or silver coloured leaf, available for wall

Minimalismo 16
- Catellani e Smith
EUR 100.00
USD 120.00

wall or ceiling lamp, variable shape, realized in iron and brass or aluminium, colours nickel, matt stain nickel, nickel/natural brass, aluminium. Available from one to five...

Pulė da tavolo
- Catellani e Smith
EUR 100.00
USD 120.00

table lamp, realized in iron and brass, colours nickel or matt satin nickel

Sottovento 16
- Carlo Catellani
EUR 1454.17
USD 1745.00

Floor lamp. Variable form. Materials: raw iron base and bust, 16 natural brass branches.
Colors: natural iron and brass. Light bulb: E14 min 15W, max 25W, 220V.
Dimmer: 500W.

Sottovento 21
- Carlo Catellani
EUR 1945.83
USD 2335.00

Floor lamp. Variable shape. Materials: raw iron base and bust, with 21 natural brass branches or nickel or aluminum or satin.
Light bulb: E14 min 15W, max 25W,...

StchuMoon 01
- Catellani e Smith
EUR 387.50
USD 465.00

series of lamps available in the standing, ceiling, table top and wall version. The hand working makes the surface uneven and with a silver or gold coloured, available in two...

StchuMoon 03 Saliscendi
- Carlo Catellani
EUR 579.12
USD 694.94

The collection Stchu-Moon is available in he standing, ceiling, table-top and wall versions. S-M uses half and quarter spheres, aluminium disks and raw steel columns as the...

Sweet Light
- Carlo Catellani
EUR 116.67
USD 140.00

This table lamp is part of the Fil de Fer family and complete the serie of floor, ceiling and table lamps.

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