10 years old

the first and only

In 1998 Galliani makes web history in the Italian design furniture sector introducing, first ever worldwide, the new online web shop Galliani.com. In pure Galliani style, the web shop reveals to the world the top quality standards, very well-known in the Galliani philosophy and centennial tradition of the showroom located in Lissone, Italy. Immediately after, within a week, www.galliani.com receives awards from various and famous worldwide Companies such as internet giant Yahoo! US, Walt Disney and many others (here below), as one of the worldwide Best of All web sites for style, usability, technology, software innovation and quality of products offered. Since the beginning, in fact, Galliani offers Hi-End furniture products and Masterpieces of Italian design, taking off guard competitors, in a sector - the web channel - where most people still thinks you can sell only cheap, discounted or outlet products. Precisely because of its uniqueness, studied and analyzed by various Italian and foreigners Universities, the "Case History" of Galliani has been of inspiration and produced three new Master Degree in "Architecture" and two Master Degree in "Economy and Commerce".

After such kind of International pedigree, it seems absurd but we have to report also that the ones who should have rejoice more of the innovation and success achieved by Galliani in spreading the quality of the "Made in Italy" worldwide, have been the major detractors: most of the renown Italian design Brands !

Someone once stated: "Great ideas will always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds" (Albert E.)

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Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Architects WorldWide - January 2000

Listed on The Buyer’s Index - 1998

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Build It WorldWide - January 2000

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Contractor WorldWide - January 2000

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Designers Worldwide - January 2000

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Selected in the top 35 most important furniture companies by Furniture Highway - March 2000

Certified site by Gomez - January 2000

Analized by the Kentucky University - 1999

Suggested site by OpenHere 2000

Listed on PC Beacon - 1999

Analized by the Politecnico di Milano – December 1999

Awarded by 'Provincia di Milano'

Suggested as ‘reference site’ by Surveyor WorldWide - January 2000

Listed on the Taiwanese Yellow Pages - 1998

Selected site by Traffic Connection - 2000

Suggested furniture web shop by our friends at Urbanomic.com - 2001

Cited in ‘Mai dire Mike’ TV show as ‘famous interior design showroom with a wonderful web site’ on Italia 1 – May 2000

Illegally copied by two different furniture companies in October 1999 and January 2000

Contested by a renowned furniture company because ‘it seriously damages the company reputation’ (!!!) – July 15th 1999.