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Vol Au Vent by BeB Italia

Mario Bellini

EUR 398.00 - USD 477.60

Worldwide shipment available at cost.

Price is for:

new chair made of a single material with a full covering is completely padded with a single piece of expanded foam. Covered in fabric extra category.

cm. 46 l. 58 d. 84 h.
inch 18.11 l. 22.83 d. 33.07 h.


"Since the time of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, many chairs have been built entirely in wood. They have been made entirely in metal over the past two centuries, and entirely in plastic during recent decades. During the Seventies, I myself designed the first chair finished completely in leather, and I have now come up with a new chair that is again created with a single material: an integral covering completely upholsters this chair, which is padded with a single piece of moulded cold-foamed polyurethane. Offering a look that is a balance between bulkiness and sleekness, Vol au Vent is - once again - a bridge between tradition and modernity". Two size variants for Vol au Vent, which in the larger version is also equipped with arms.

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