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Lens small 33 by Galliani Selects

Patricia Urquiola

EUR 349.17 - USD 419.00

Worldwide shipment available at cost.

Price is for:

cubic small table in grey, bronze or transparent double crystal top, metal frame varnished graphite, bronze or black colours.

cm. 33 l. 33 d. 33 h.
inch 12.99 l. 12.99 d. 12.99 h.

single small table 33x33cm.


Small tables are the result of a study on the theme of a transparent surface with enhanced depth. The outcome is an attractive combination of two crystals with a special film applied between them. The magical effects created by the surface of Lens suggest a kaleidoscope or the stained glass windows on 18th-century palaces in Venice. For the tall table, the crystal tabletop can be transparent or finished in grey or bronze. It is inserted into a decorative metal frame (available in graphite, bronzed or black varnished) that is sustained by two supports. The two cube-shaped small tables can be used by themselves or be placed one over the other

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