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Ptolomeo low

Bruno Rainaldi

EUR 325.00 - USD 390.00

Worldwide shipment available at cost.

The product is available in our Showroom
main floor

Price is for:

floor vertical bookshelf - low version. The 'column of the knowledge', stainless steel base with structure and shelves in black steel sheets.

cm. 25 l. 25 d. 72 h.
inch 9.84 l. 9.84 d. 28.35 h.



2004 COMPASSO D'ORO AWARD. The 'column of knowledge' is a vertical bookshelf with a stainless steel base. Structure and shelves are in black steel sheets. Available in 3 heights - 215cm. or 6'6", 160cm. or 4'11" and 72cm. or 2'2". Now available also in the new wall version - 210cm., 155cm., 67cm.

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